Cities of stone

Been on a serious Lord of the Rings bender lately as my four-year-old has really taken to the film trilogy. (He can’t read yet. At least not Tolkien.)

The mythos is clearly penetrating my subconscious because the other night I woke up with a single, clear thought — so clear, in fact, that I had to write it down immediately. My insight? The city of Matera, Italy is a real world version of the vertiginous, stacked city of Italian odyssey last year.

I imagine the two cities all but indistinguishable from street-level, but can you tell which of these is Matera and which Minas Tirith?


The fictional city was filmed from a very large model. Interestingly, there seems to be a at least a few complete miniatures of Matera.

Answers (highlight to reveal): Row 1: Minas Tirith, Matera; Row 2: Minas Tirith, Matera; Row 3: Matera, Minas Tirith; Row 4: Matera, Minas Tirith