How big is the Forbidden City?

Jack Blanchard, long-time creative director colleague*, recently whipped up a map to answer a frequent question about the scale of the Forbidden City in Beijing. I suppose it isn’t all that helpful if you don’t know Chicago, but the short answer is: basically the size of the Loop.


You know, now that I look at it, if the mayor would only carve a canal to the lake along Harrison we could give the Loop a moat. Just need to build 30-foot-thick walls and put guard towers in and we’ll be all set. Just try to mount an attack, mongrel St. Louisans!

* Also impresario, dilettante, bon vivant, roustabout, part-time carnie, certified life coach, and TSA detainee.

One response to “How big is the Forbidden City?”

  1. Seth Anderson says :

    Damn, I live just on the west side of the moat, so the pillaging St Louisans might stop by for fermented bean curd…
    Cool map.