OneVoice gets a lot louder

Daniel at OneVoice is in overdrive. With the attention of the world cast toward the upcoming Palestinian elections there’s a great chance that moderation can snatch the spotlight from extremism. OneVoice is doing all they can to help in the snatching. Good news from the OV blog today.

The first-ever Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign in the Palestinian Authority, conducted by OneVoice-Palestine, is about to release a Public Service Announcement that will turn heads: it juxtaposes Sheikh Taysir al Tamimi, the Chief Palestinian Islamic Justice, and Father Attallah Hanna, the Patriarchite of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, with Richard Gere, the film star and humanitarian. They all encourage the Palestinian people to go out and vote. Sheikh Tamimi calls it a “religious and a national commandment” to participate in the elections.

The main site — very soon to receive a facelift, by the way — can tell you a heck of a lot more.

2004 ended with tragedy. Let’s start 2005 on the other end of the spectrum of human emotion.