Three technologies you need to invent

Yes, you.

iPod Album Art Remote
I don’t own an iPod photo, but if I did I’d want a headphone remote like the normal one but with a tiny LCD screen that displays album art so that when I affixed it to my jacket on the subway I’d be as cool as Japanese teenagers for sure.

I would also very much like the ability to drag a window from one monitor to another on my desk. No, not like in a multiple monitor setup, but actually drag one app window — say, an instance of Mozilla — from one machine’s monitor seamlessly to another’s with all settings and states being maintained. Should work cross platform too, unless there is no application equivalent on the “recipient” machine. Some sort of funky VNC hack would do the trick, no?

True Dual SIM Phone
Lastly, I’d love a phone that accepts two SIM cards natively and can place/accept calls to/from either card. Without shutting the phone down to switch between the two or needing an adaptor to accommodate both cards. So, for example, I could receive calls overseas on a number local to where I am and on my number back in the States. For cripe’s sake, this should exist!

That’s all. No patents claimed or royalties owed. Just go ahead and build ’em. Be sure to shoot me an e-mail when you do. Thanks.

One response to “Three technologies you need to invent”

  1. Craig says :

    That iPod cover art idea is nice. Single music snobs around the world would find a new way to meet potential mates.