That was fun, now everybody start sweeping

Though there’s still a corner of the building sticking up ominously from the rubble (bearing an unfortunate similarity to the shards that remained of the WTC after 9/11), the Sun-Times building is effectively no more. Mostly the activity outside my window is just cleanup of the mess. And ripping a building down does make one hell of a mess. I don’t need to pull the shades on the windows in the office there is such an impenetrable layer of filth on them.

My sons came with me to see the heavy machinery this weekend. Predictably, they could not be pulled away. Not only was there blow-torching, aggressive hole-digging, and manly rubble-scooping going on, but they were constructing a mighty, towering crane which to me means that construction is soon to start. I swear we saw them dig out an old train car undercarriage from the muck. (Might make sense. Train tracks used to run along the north edge of the river.)

Here’s a video timelapse of the deconstruction through Feb. 11. Is it possible that I actually miss the jaw-jarring din of the last few weeks?

One response to “That was fun, now everybody start sweeping”

  1. Jeff Berg says :

    I am constantly impressed by Brandenburg ( ). I am amazed with how neat the crew has left the area by the end of each work day. Brandburg is remarkably tidy at what they do. For a demolition, it’s rather a spartan sight.