Five ways to tell it is springtime in Chicago

  1. The radiant profusion of alabaster white skin blubbering out from beneath clothing more suited for the tropics temporarily blinds you as people joyously run, skate, and bike down the lakefront path for the first time in months.
  2. You’re asked to buy a Streetwise every half-block instead of every few blocks.
  3. People no longer lunge for the heat lamp “on” button on the L platform the moment the timer runs out.
  4. It is easier to imagine a flower sprouting from dead brown grass than frozen white grass.
  5. Beer tastes way better.

2 Responses to “Five ways to tell it is springtime in Chicago”

  1. cbjg says :

    beer tastes way better when you can fire up the grill after work wearing shorts and your flip-flops

  2. John says :

    A very good point.