A picture isn’t worth a thousand lines of code

I like to prattle on about poetry and code-writing. I’ve been known to do the same about images and poetry. But I’ve never invoked the transitive property to claim that painting and code-writing are kindred activities. Honestly, it never ocurred to me. Maciej Ceglowski ruminates on why this is such an awful analogy.

One response to “A picture isn’t worth a thousand lines of code”

  1. Jeff Berg says :

    I think perhaps Mr Ceglowski is to much of a painter and Mr Graham is to much of a programmer for either of them to faithfully transcribe the point they are trying to make.
    As a mildly successful, self-taught programmer who went to Art School, not a whiz bang computer engineering school, I can faithfully report that programming is an art unto itself.
    Anytime you get particpants in an activity who are convinced they are good at the activity when they most certainly suck, you’ve crossed over into the genre of an art form. 😉