Laptop’s back from the shop. It has been a cascade of technology failure for me lately. Last week, my iPod just back from refurbishment (HD was flaky), I excitedly plugged it into the USB port on my laptop. Zzztt. Immediate shut down. Wisp of electrical smoke snaking out of the side vent. Lovely.

The laptop booted, but without working Bluetooth or USB ports. Funny thing was, I missed the Bluetooth way more than the USB. That’s got to be some kind of milestone for me personally. I realized, outside of my system-frying iPod, that I never plug anything into the USB. Mouse is Bluetooth; printer at work is; phone connection is; headset (for Skype) is. Long live the golden age of wireless.

And yes, if you’re counting, this is motherboard death #2 in calendar year 2005. Somethin’ ain’t right.

One response to “Zap”

  1. Gwen says :

    I feel so sorry for you. You must drop it sometimes if it’s that hard an issue. I must agree with you that USB port is not so useful as Bluetooth.