Clermont Harbor update

We now have aerial photos of Clermont Harbor, home to Robyn’s grandparents. The house is gone, but the railroad embankment to the north seems to have kept the debris contained. The deforestation and the annihilation of mostly cinderblock houses leaves me somewhat speechless.

Google Maps

NOAA NOS Data Explorer

Eerily there is less visible damage closer to the beach (not pictured here) because all that remains are the concrete pads of the houses.

It will be months before we get back here to sift through the rubble.

3 Responses to “Clermont Harbor update”

  1. Ritzy Mabrouk says :

    Nice work – keep blogging!
    greetings from Egypt / ritzy

  2. Jake Commando says :

    I saw your street and took a picture which I will get to you ASAP. There wasnt a single house stangin on the entire street from the RR tracks to the beach.

  3. Katie Witry says :

    Thank you for your comments on Clermont Harbor. I lived there on Ioor next to the White Church. I am a real estate agent and currently living in New Orleans. My mother lost her home in Waveland.
    I hope your wife’e grandparents are ok. I go back ever Tuesday looking for things and attending our weekly staff meetings. You grandsparents might know me from the Civic organization that used to meet at the firehouse.
    Please tell them we are sorry, we miss our place so much and I am sure they do to. If they need anything help please let me know.
    Katie Witry