I have too many types of headphones I think.

  • Earbuds for iPod listening during the commute. (Apple iPod Earbud Headphones, not the ones that come with the iPod — decent sound, not great)
  • Sweat-proof, collapsible headphones for running (Sony MDR-A35G S2 Sports Headphones — love these, sweat is not an issue and I am one sweaty bastard)
  • Crappy earbuds for inserting under hat when running outside in winter (whatever)
  • Noise-cancelling for long plane flights and at work (Sennheiser PXC 250 — LOVE these, highly recommended)
  • Big padded ones for make-believe DJ’ing (Sennheiser HD 202 — nothin’ special)

When I travel I actually have three of these in my backpack. That’s ridiculous. What is my problem?

3 Responses to “Headmuffs”

  1. donturn says :

    I’d be curious to know what kinds of headphones you’re using for each category. Especially the noise cancelling ones.

  2. cbjg says :

    I higly recommend the Etymoyic ER-6i (http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er6i.aspx). Reasonably priced at around $150, they are the only pair of headphones you may ever need.
    As they are in-ear plugs, they may take some getting used to, but they sound great. Good for jogging, planes, sleeping, etc. Easy to care for and clean. I love them

  3. chris. says :

    i’ve been looking into the earphones Shure makes. E3c look nice, the E5c ($500!) even nicer.