iPod concerns

Dear Apple, I have some questions for you.

First, did you just break every gadgety add-on ever created for the iPod by removing the extended headphone port at the top? I’m not sure who you’ve pissed off more, your customers or companies like Belkin and Griffin. (Update: if that doesn’t irk ’em, this will.)

Also, what the !@$%&? happened to the 80GB iPod? We know you bought the big hard drives from Toshiba. What are you using them for?

Lastly, so you’re giving us rights-managed video and disallowing us from burning to CD/DVD? Must we submit a urine sample too?

C’mon, give me some love here! Please. I want to give you more of my money, but you are not making it easy.

Your friend,

PS – Front Row only for new iMacs? You think we PowerMac owners didn’t need this about two years ago?