The Romantic concept of the poet inpsired from seclusion and singular inspiration seems to be alive and well, though once removed. My post on the isolation tank seems to have been the muse for a poem. Here’s an excerpt.

groupmind human searing feedback feedback human searing in human and groupmind and groupmind and and in to groupmind in feedback feedback and and

The weird thing (among many) is that it looks copy-and-pasted, but it isn’t. It’s non-random.

Here’s the full post/poem.

Update: some interesting stats from Chris.

504 is the dominant number in the sequence. If the (perhaps deliberately) malformed “groupmindand,” “nd” and “earing” were normalized then “prayer,” “and,” “feedback,” “groupmind,” “human,” in,” and “to” would all appear 504 times. 504 is also the HTTP status code for “Gateway Time-out.”

Just gets weirder, eh?

2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. chris says :

    Prayer: 504
    and: 495
    earing: 12
    feedback: 504
    groupmind: 499
    groupmindand: 5
    human: 499
    in: 504
    nd: 4
    searing: 492
    to: 504

  2. Bryce says :

    Drop a couple ‘cialis’ and ‘viagra’ in there, and that poem looks like about 90% of the email I get these days.