Ohm sweet monome

I’ve had the extraordinary luck* to get my hands on a monome, the amazing USB controller that’ll do just about anything you want it to. The monome is an 8×8 grid of sturdy backlit buttons. And that’s really about it, functionally. It interfaces with a slew of music apps that turn it into a keyboard, a sequencer, a ribbon slide, or just about any tactile way you can imagine to control sound. And the design! If it weren’t so sturdy I’d call it cute. Form and function, as one.

I spent a great evening playing with the monome last night. Everything you hear in this short clip is from slices of the intro to Also sprach Zarathustra (the 2001 theme).

[*] Luck being a friend who has loaned it to me for the month while he gets married and honeymoons, presumably because he was forbidden from taking it with him. The first sign of doomed marriage, if you ask me.