Most played music of the year

I end 2006 having played 17,677 tracks through iTunes since I started using last year. Here are the top twenty artists for the last 12 months, in order.

Sufjan Stevens
Casino Versus Japan
Richie Hawtin
Midwest Product
Der Dritte Raum
Imogen Heap
Gary Numan
Mike Relm
Junkie XL
Boards of Canada
Ulrich Schnauss
Four Tet
Aphex Twin
Boom Bip (huh? haven’t listened to this in ages)
Girl Talk
Ryan Elliott

Interesting to compare the change since the 10,000 mark last March.

One response to “Most played music of the year”

  1. 2B's says :

    OK, JT. How big of a loser am I when I have only ever heard of ONE (Biosphere) of the bands on your list?
    Happy New Year!