“Okay, I’m a little bummed. I didn’t learn anything.”

Best blog comment on my panel at SXSW this morning, above.

A good time and great discussion. Diverse panel, mosty sober audience (and panelists). Crappy interweb in the room though. Not sure it streamed into SL. Anyone know?

A few more thoughts here:

Note: lots of smart people at SXSW. Lots of good insights. Proficiency using microphones: not so much.

The truth hurts, don’t it?

Transcript (ish) on 3pointD here. More soon …

4 Responses to ““Okay, I’m a little bummed. I didn’t learn anything.””

  1. Mike Krempasky says :

    Please don’t take the microphone snark as anything but a little gentle ribbing. Moderating is no easy task, that’s for sure. I really did enjoy the panel, and I’d love to learn more.

  2. John says :

    Oh, I thought it was a hilarious comment. You basically had to fellate the microphone to get any kind of pickup.
    Thanks for attending, Mike!

  3. Mike Krempasky says :

    My bold prediction is that in six months, the phrase “fellate the microphone” will be your top Google referrer.

  4. Bryce says :

    John will be asking his next panel to “speak into the trouser-mic.”