Spring dust-off

Except it isn’t spring in these parts for about two more months.

For those of you who follow Ascent Stage in a feed reader, I have changed the blended feed for the main posts and marginalia to http://feeds.feedburner.com/AscentStage. This feed appends [del.icio.us] to all Marginalia links to ease the distress of clicking on a link only to learn it is merely a link and not a meaty post. You know who you are. The old feed should still work properly. And if you’re not subscribing to the blended feed, why not? By the way, the margin links are not ads. They’re other places in the tubosphere that I find interesting.

MediaLoom, that dinosaur project that I’m still rather fond of, has been moved into the Ascent Stage empire. Nostalgic for Macromedia Director and platform incompatibility? Click here!

Many busted links fixed. Not all, certainly. But many.

That is all.