Better than “Information Superhighway”, I suppose

Spotted at the St. Petersburg airport. I’d like to say this ad is from 1999, when the term cyberspace at least had a degree of currency. Alas, no. It is new. Someone somewhere thought this was a good idea. Cyberspace. Sheesh! The term was awful even when it didn’t sound dated.

Img 3724

Sidenote: St. P’s airport is called Pulkovo II. Like a sequel. Revenge of the Airport.

One response to “Better than “Information Superhighway”, I suppose”

  1. Darren says :

    That doesn’t look like an approved font either, maybe they had to change it to match the Russian characters. Also I don’t think the IBM logo is allowed to be that close to the edges.
    It’s weird how you can get a sense of where branding has come from by how it looks. Even without the Russian characters you’d have said that wasn’t an American or European billboard.