Hot or not

Been a while since I geeked out about apps and such. Let me rectify that.

Except for the web apps and where denoted* these are all OSX apps. Complaints may be directed to my brand new domain, which may or may not be working because, well, its better than you … and you can smell it.

FacebookSync – Simple little thing that takes your OSX Address Book and yanks down info and photos for matches from your Facebook friends. Really handy.
MarsEdit – Best offline blog editor I’ve found. Blows Ecto away.
Displaperture – Miss the rounded screen corners in Leopard? This is for you. For the pill-capsule-shaped-screen obsessed among you, you can distort the edges much more than Tiger even allowed.
Songbird 0.4* – Mozilla-based music manager. Getting better all the time. Browsing music blogs with this is a dream.
Beatport Sync* – Free app for DJing and beatmatching. Super-simple. Traktor Lite, essentially.
MailPluginManager – Part of the Leopardized widescreen mail hack for (which is indispensable), this add-on lets you manage plugins much more comprehensively.
GetTube – Simple app for pulling down YouTube videos locally.

Apps I want to like but have not given them their due. Any experience with these?

MemoryMiner* – Multiple media integrator for narrative-based presentations.
Bento – iWork-like database from Apple’s subsidiary, Filemaker.
Candybar – Icon/Dock über-manager from the makers of Coda and Transmit, which I love.

Web apps/sites:

Gmail IMAP – Just weeks after I moved all my POP mail to a jury-rigged IMAP redirect via Gmail, they released their native version. But the truth is, It is seamless and nearly-perfect. Well done, Google.
imeem – Very comprehensive, user-submitted streaming music site. Each track has an independent page. Really handy for letting others listen to tracks as reference. – Awesome alternative CD/DVD cases and labelling.
Fawnt – Free fonts that don’t look like an accountant chose them to accompany his clip artwork.
Vector Magic – Turn bitmaps into vector files.

And now to bitch a little. All about iTunes, probably the single most used piece of software I have on my machine.

Why is there no way to move or copy part of your library? This seems like an obvious feature for selective backup or at least something that a clever AppleScript could solve.

I’d love to be able to flag or mark sections inside a track for later reference. This would be extremely handy for tracks over an hour long. (I don’t mean chapters like you can break an audiobook into, but actual markers that could be rearranged.)

Related to that, now that the Finder has become iTunes-like how about moving some changes the other way and letting me color-label tracks/albums like you can for files in Finder?

Why is there no way to select multiple playlists at a time? Infuriating.

I love you, iTunes, but why do you treat me so?