Quick quiz

Did I stumble across this lovely search entry from my wife (which produced results as you see in the tabs) before or after this last weekend’s holiday bash?


Search query privacy indeed! (Tip to wife: Tools > Clear Private Data.)

Click for the astonishing answer.

2 Responses to “Quick quiz”

  1. Darren says :

    A few years ago Rob Smart was giving an Emerging Technology pitch to a packed out audience. He was explaining how AJAX worked and using the Google search suggestion as his example.
    He started to type “Emerging Technology” as the search term, but someone asked a question just as he’d got to typing “Emerg”. He stopped to answer the question and on the 20ft screen behind him Google whirred away and came back with “Are you looking for Emergency Contraception?” He had no idea why everyone was in tears.

  2. cbjg says :

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