Retweeting is just advancing in a different direction

Some housekeeping over here at Ascent Stage mission control. Site-dwellers may have noticed that the micropost area is no more. I staved it off as long as possible, but the little area for one-liners was up against a ticking clock.

You may remember that a while back I switched from a manually-updated area (pain) to one powered by the unstoppable Twitter. Thing is, in the interim with the advent of @reply functionality, Twitter became a two-way communication medium. Suddenly my carefully-crafted bon mots and trenchant insights (yes!) were subject to contamination by my irrepressible urge to respond to people. I knew I had to switch it over.

So what we have now is a running excerpt of everything that happens in my Twitterverse, including responses to people without the original context. Like listening to one half of a phone call. It is remarkably freeing, not having to care about what’s there, just letting it flow. And, as Joi says, it really does kinda threaten blogging as we know it. Microposting is the new posting.

So if you’re on Twitter, you can get it all sans-ramblings of the main blog at The Tweetstream is not, as yet, spliced into the main feed. (Feedburner, arghhh!)

Some links for you:

Follow Tweets old school thread style at

Fantastic Mac desktop client (kinda made it all click for me): Twitterific.

Twitter inspires all kinds of creative uses such as the ioubeer service and this fun mashup by pal Bryce.

Happy tweeting!