Metropolitan Information Architecture and other mouthfuls

Returning to my info design roots this weekend as I give a talk at the IA Summit in Phoenix on city design. But this one’s a bit different. It’s a call to arms, the other half of a talk I gave last year to architects of the physically-built environment. I’ll be presenting with my grad school colleague and pal, Don Turnbull. Here’s his preview and the full details. UPDATE: Here’s audio from the talk and our slides.

Stretching a bit further, I will be speaking at the Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago on April 21 on a panel called Talking the Walk: The Importance of Pedestrian-Friendly Public Spaces. I’m honored to share 90 minutes with Sam Schwartz and -Joe Gonzalez- Mike Toolis and am fully prepared for quizzical looks as I try to explain the importance of walkability from the perspective of information network design. Full details here. UPDATE: Recap here.

PS – Mouths-full?