99 Luft

OK, not only does Lufthansa have one of the only in-air Internet connections available (allowing fun stuff like this), but I just learned that they have a flight from Chicago to Dusseldorf on a flipping 737 that is 100% business class seats. Just 28 or so. I didn’t even know a 737 had that kind of range. Like a Southwest flight deciding to re-route to Europe. Except without the free-for-all for seats. Crazy. And Dusseldorf. Huh? Kraftwerk, I may make the trip after all.

One response to “99 Luft”

  1. GC says :

    According to Boeing, the new 737-900 has a range of about 3,300 nautical miles (5,926 km). If you think about it, even Southwest runs non-stops from the east coast to the west, and that is not much farther. I wouldn’t mind if it were all international business class though. But god help us, the last thing we need is internet on our airplanes. There is something very liberating about being able to turn off teh cell phone and Blackberry.