Confession. I love watching Big!, the series on Discovery HD Theater where a team of welders, metal fabricators, and gadgeteers come together to build oversized versions of appliances and other everyday items. There’s interpersonal drama, mostly staged or instigated — but even conflict is humorous because you quickly remember that the bickering is over a gigantic toaster or some such. Not to trivialize things, but, c’mon, you’re not repairing aircraft here, folks. Maybe I like it so much because I’m really not handy and so seeing things built supersize makes it easier to comprehend their inner workings. Or maybe it is because blowtorches look great in high definition.

Speaking of, I don’t watch much television but what I do watch these days seems mostly to be in HD. I wonder if I could pull off watching only high-definition programming in 2005. Could be my first resolution.