Chicago finally gets destroyed for entertainment

We were getting a complex with New York and LA and Paris getting wiped out so often. Luckily Chicago is back amongst the cities that matter enough to be annihilated by natural forces. CBS has given us Category Six: Day of Destruction.

Quick quiz. Which of these statements is the least believeable?

  • A category six hurricane develops over Lake Michigan
  • The streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba standing in for Chicago, IL
  • Nancy McKeon acting in anything but “The Facts of Life”
  • On-the-cheap CGI tornadoes pixellating in high-definition

Tough to answer. Perhaps the finale on Wednesday will settle the matter.

Speaking of destruction, check out this photoshoppery of the east edge of downtown Chicago destroyed and submerged. Nice job with Navy Pier. (Not from the CBS series; I found it on the web, but I can’t remember where. Anyone know?)