Moleskine mod

Moleskine notebooks are somewhat faddish right now, but damn they are useful. And there are plenty of sites out there that detail ways to make them more so. Moleskine hacks, so to speak. Here’s my own: a holding mechanism for the Fisher Space Pen.

I wanted a way to join the notebook and the pen so I would not have to dig for either when I need them in a pinch. The problem was that the Fisher has no clip and is very slick. So I bent a paperclip to snugly grab the pen where it’s sheath ends and affixed a rubber band to hold the other end. It ain’t pretty, but it works.

UPDATE: My little MacGyverism hacked me back. Turns out the paperclip snip created a flesh-digging edge. Must work on 2.0.

7 Responses to “Moleskine mod”

  1. Leslie S. Russell says :

    Fantastic idea!

  2. leo prieto says :

    I think Moleskines have been a fad for over 100 years. heh. Me loves mine.

  3. John says :

    True, but you gotta admit that their popularity has spiked in the last year or so, no?

  4. John says :

    You can usually order the attachable clip for the bullet pen from my favorite space pen source for about $2:
    The clip is very sturdy and might help a little.
    While you’re there, you can pick up some refills in the various colors that are hard to find:)

  5. protozoic says :

    The Road to Productivity

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  6. Brian Kenyon says :

    I just use the black fischer space pen with a clip.
    Looks really sleek black on black.

  7. the ivory tree says :

    hey nice mod for your moleskine
    check out the one i made for mine at
    it turned out nicely and doesnt mar the nb with tacky duct tape or such.