A CTA Map for 2055

Proposed Roscoe Village Brown Line spur that would make my life approximately 1000 times easier

Craig Berman, author of the wonderful Fueled by Coffee blog, has a great piece up at Gaper’s Block. Using the CTA’s proposed Circle Line as a starting point, he meticulously outlines a subway plan for the future of Chicago.

The CTA needs to form a mass transit network — as opposed to the current radial commuter rail. Right now, all lines lead to the Loop in the morning and back out in the afternoon — these lines don’t take into account that a lot of living happens outside of the skyscrapers of the Loop. What happens when I want to get from Bucktown to Wrigleyville? Andersonville to the West Loop? Hyde Park to Pilsen? Little Village to Logan Square? These rides are a pain in the ass — they’re slow, indirect, and require multiple bus transfers. Why can’t you move from the North Side to the northWest Side without going downtown first? I want answers, dammit!

Amen, brother. Where do I sign up to help digging?

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  1. Craig says :

    Thanks for the link… and get your shovel ready.