Stuff in my backpack, international edition

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Today I booked four separate itineraries in three countries for travel before the end of May. Really the only way to manage such a schedule is to have the right gear. Jumping on the whatsinyourbag tagfest over at Flickr I have catalogued all those things that keep me sane and connected when I travel — in this case internationally. Bag contents differ slightly for the commute to work and for domestic travel.

(These inventory spreads remind me of a dated little travel book called Point It. For the international tourist who has absolutely no desire to learn any new terms whatsoever.)

So, what am I missing?

2 Responses to “Stuff in my backpack, international edition”

  1. Anonymous says :

    (i realize I am violating a rule of “more is better” with this comment, but…)
    although I am always envious on your gadgetry, as fellow road warrior, you appear to be violating the primary rule of business travel – efficiency. i see ample opportunities to consolidate and rationalize whatisinyourbag. while efficiency must also be balanced with general comfort, does one really need a small family photo album, ipod photo, ipod shuffle and a laptop when two of these would suffice? (unless, of course, you now have a personal travel sherpa)

  2. John says :

    Good points, all. But let me explain. True, all the photos in the small printed album are on the iPod, but sometimes sentiment trumps efficiency. That, and my wife would be very displeased if I ditched the album as it was a gift. Also, I keep no music or photos on my laptop HD; the iPod is effectively an external media drive. As for the shuffle, there’s really no good way to run or workout with the big iPod and since the shuffle’s weight is so negligible I thought the trade-off was warranted. I’ll concede that carrying around the s-video cable is probably overkill, but you never know when you’ll want to see a slideshow or a DVD on an external screen.