Stabbed in the trackback

A while ago I installed a small script that disallows comments on this blog that are not actually typed in. That is, it looks for multiple keystrokes as opposed to one single dump of text — the behavior of a spambot (or someone who copies-and-pastes comments wholesale). It has stopped 100% of the spam I used to deal with daily.

Alas, the scourge of trackback spam persists. Does anyone know of anything that will effectively block trackback spam? Ideally it too would be a keystroke-based defense, but anything that really works would do. I’d hate to have to shut off trackbacks as they are one of the most innovative things about blogs!


One response to “Stabbed in the trackback”

  1. Ana-Laura Baz says :

    I have the same problem on my blog about museums (! So if someone send you an answer, I will be pleased to know it.
    For the comments spams, we have installed a security code system and it works very well.