Idiot and the Odyssey

As I am getting on the elevator at work today a gaggle of dronish businessmen get off on my floor. Clearly they don’t work on the floor and are looking for a meeting. I hear one guy say “Odyssey. We’re looking for the Odyssey room. I wonder where that is.” Some other guy snickers “Next to the Caravan room, maybe.” Consensus chortling and I think even a ha-ha backslap ensue. I spend the elevator ride wondering what the hell he means. Some obscure Homeric allusion? Then it hits me. A minivan joke. The guy made a minivan joke, for the love of god.

Oh suburbia, is there any limit to the ways you enrich our culture?

One response to “Idiot and the Odyssey”

  1. anonymous says :

    All right! You are in favor of cultural elitism of sorts. Thank goodness, I was beginning to think you belonged to the the other side that is hastening the decline of our civilization (I’m not sure we have our own real culture). It’s amazing how university has been turned into a vocational experience for those majoring in “business”. It must hurt to work around so many yahoos who don’t know the difference between what they do for a living and who they are.
    Thanks for the amusing commentary – I’m curiously drawn to your site.