Resolution review

It’s been six months since I laid out my resolutions for 2005. Let’s review. (It ain’t pretty.)

  1. Learn how to conjugate Italian verbs in a tense other than the present.
    Non completo.

  2. Get a goddamn backhand.
    Many lessons later, complete. Whether it’ll hold up in match play is a wholly different matter.

  3. Fall in love with NASA again.
    Not yet, but I feel that I could be seduced more easily these days.

  4. Be nice to political bloggers.
    Publicly, yes. Lots of private cursing, though.

  5. Learn to match beats when remixing.
    Nope. Still a stutter-step crossfader.

  6. When home, watch only high-definition television programming.
    I achieved this for a few months. The Cubs season ended my streak though, as only a handfull of games are in HD.

  7. Convert all old mix tapes to MP3.
    Not going to happen. Quality too low; quantity too high.

  8. Become able to change my son’s diaper with one hand.
    Ashamedly, no.

  9. Avoid LAX like the Black Death.

  10. Avoid the Black Death.
    And done. (But that mole is a little worrisome.)

  11. Get to know my nephews better.
    Eh, sorta.

  12. Figure out how to make my own oak switches for the Russian Baths.
    Hell, I don’t think I’ve even been to the baths since January.

Well, that’s rather depressing. I wonder what the median success rate is for New Year’s resolutions for the public at large. In fact, I wonder if anyone even remembers them by mid-year.