Chicago Triathlon

Tomorrow I’ll join a few thousands others swimming, biking, and running in circles in downtown Chicago for the annual triathlon. It can’t be any worse than last year when I had a three hour wait between the closing of the transition area and when my wave jumped in the drink. And then, within a few minutes of the swim I got a goggle lens kicked out in the aquatic melee.

This year sponsor Accenture will be sending live racer telemetry to the web. Not just splits but actual map location data and (so they say) streaming video of finishes for every racer. This will be pretty cool, if it works. You can send basic text information to your phone too.

So if you have nothing better to do at 7:36 AM Central time on Sunday, scoot over to the real-time athlete tracking page. My bib number is 2510. Last year I finished 35 seconds shy of three hours. Here’s hoping I can at least do it with a minute to spare this year.

And if the map data doesn’t update after the swim portion would someone please call the Coast Guard?