PIM system, now with pretty icons


What’s missing? It isn’t a perfect solution. Here’s what would make it so.

– Faster Mozilla Calendar with functional equivalence to Outlook’s calendaring.

– Full integration of calendar functionality into Thunderbird. (This is underway in the Lightning project, as I mentioned below.)

– Some way of moving sent and saved e-mail from years past into the Gmail environment without just mass-forwarding it all.

– Stable auto-publish of changes in Mozilla Calendar. Right now auto-publish eventually corrupts the data file locally and on the server. I have to manually publish. Shouldn’t be that way.

– Robust PC-based phone synching. Right now I’m going from PC to online to Mac to phone (and iPod). This is easy but needlessly complex.

– Two-way synch between Mac Address Book and Plaxo, just ’cause.

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  1. Vic says :

    I gotta say I love your trackbacks.