The coolest LEGO brick ever


Came across this recently while sifting through our LEGO bins. This brick — this single brick — could transform an otherwise completely uncool assemblage of 2×2’s, 4×1’s, and slanted roof bricks into a state-of-the-art lunar outpost.

And by state-of-the-art I mean in the way computers were before GUI’s made them all sissy. This terminal was for minifig people who could read computer code straight off the monocrome screen. Hell, that’s probably assembler on there. And they only needed three buttons. Yellow to evacuate the launch pad. Green to light the candle. Red to blow it to smithereens if it veered off course.

Now that would be a cool casemod.

2 Responses to “The coolest LEGO brick ever”

  1. donturn says :

    If that were assembler, the word and line lengths would be shorter. (Pity me that I know that – long live HEX!)

  2. John says :

    OK, so what is it, Mr. Computer Professor? Is it executable?