Three things I did yesterday

(1) Had a 30 minute discussion on what designing a website for a user characterized as a “tattletale” would entail. (Not to be confused with a “gossip,” which was also a user profile we had to deal with.) I’ve never thought so much about the concept of the tattletale in my life. Basically this person has information, must convey it, and must convey it to someone of higher status for personal gain. Try designing a website for that.

(2) The Tolva family challenged the City of Chicago and won. Don’t tell us we left “materials/junk” in the alley, goddamnit. Turns out they had the right address, wrong street. Sometimes I marvel that this city doesn’t sink back into the swamp it emerged from.

(3) I took my oldest son to see Star Wars in Grant Park with a few thousand other residents. I had forgotten how much fun it was to watch movies with large audiences. Hell yes I’m going to cheer when Han knocks off the tie fighters at the end! Might even high five a stranger!