A new word, a product idea, a hygiene request

mel·o·gram·mat·ic adj.
The deliberate, ostentatious use of non-standard grammar online to make it seem like you’re hip and casual but also smart enough to know better.

Idea: create Band-Aid type bandages that are pre-printed with arm or leg hairs on them, allowing a more seamless blending with the furrier individual.

Do beard trimmers with the little vacuum attachment actually work?

2 Responses to “A new word, a product idea, a hygiene request”

  1. Craig says :

    I like the band aid idea! For more realism make the band aid double sided-sticky, place on arm, tear up hair, flip and adhere band aid. You’ve got natural-looking hair coverage, and you were gonna lose that hair anyway!

  2. John Tolva says :

    Wow, what an idea! Ouch, but wow!