Resolutions in review

Twelve months has passed since I outlined twelve resolutions towards my betterment. So, let’s do the numbers.

  1. Learn how to conjugate Italian verbs in a tense other than the present.
    Sort of. I know more verbs than this time last year and I got a chance to flex my conjugator (ahem) on a trip to Rome, but the tense thing. I’m still stuck in the present. (Or, in translated Italian: I stick in the present.)

  2. Get a goddamn backhand.
    Done. No more do I run a half-court’s width to ensure forehands. I am whole.

  3. Fall in love with NASA again.
    I admit, I did. Michael Griffin instills confidence, the Chinese provide the neo-cold-war competitive impetus, and there’s even a presidential mandate to skedaddle out of low-earth orbit, for what that’s worth. Marsward.

  4. Be nice to political bloggers.
    Pretty much. Easy now that the screaming and yeah-what-they-said cross-link lovefest has died down after the elections. I’d love to know how many political blogs withered in 2005 with no election fodder to chew on.

  5. Learn to match beats when remixing.
    Believe it or not, yes. The DJ console helps, of course, but I did have to figure it out.

  6. When home, watch only high-definition television programming.
    I have failed. TiVo, being standard-def (and crappy at that), is the culprit. Plus The Daily Show isn’t in high-def, so right there I’m screwed.

  7. Convert all old mix tapes to MP3.
    No, and ain’t going to happen either. However, I did complete the digitization of all my old vinyl LP’s! So I consider this complete in spirit if not in letter.

  8. Become able to change my son’s diaper with one hand.
    Can be done, but is not advised as it takes three times as long and often results in fecal matter where you don’t want it.

  9. Avoid LAX like the Black Death.
    Not done. Could have routed myself differently I s’pose. Ah, well.

  10. Avoid the Black Death.
    Plague-free, baby!

  11. Get to know my nephews better.
    Uh, well. I know them better than I did this time last year. Mostly because more time has passed, but hey whatever works.

  12. Figure out how to make my own oak switches for the Russian Baths.
    Regretfully, no. And I should be practicing since they are closed for a bit. Bad John bad.

Not bad, then. I completed 7, got 2 half-done, and only blew 3. I made significant gains from the half-year review, that’s for sure. Now to come up with a few for ’06 …