Anthem cage match

Bryce pits Sun Microsystem’s derivative dotcom cheesefest “The Power of Sun” against IBM’s causasian-men-slapping-each-other-on-the-back-between-verses 1931* classic “Ever Onward IBM”.

First of all, if you have to have the German division of your company modify the words of an American pop song, you know you’re in trouble. Perhaps Falco was busy? David Hasselhof in reverse. Second, Ever Onward is but one of dozens of songs from the official songbook. Enter a few more Sun contestants and we’ll talk.

I’ll admit that the hymnal aspects of the recording of Ever Onward are a little troubling, but even then IBM was ahead of the curve. They were, as today’s corporate parlance constantly reminds us, trying to read from the same page.

I can’t wait to get home and dump these suckers into Garageband. IBM-Sun mashup comin’!

[*] 1958? No way!