Names and bein’ a kid

With thanks to Baby Roadies for the idea, here are the 10 worst names for our soon-to-arrive child based on Chicago streets:

  • Wacker Tolva
  • Hubbard Tolva
  • Elston Tolva
  • Irving Park Tolva
  • Lawrence Tolva
  • Damen Tolva
  • 31st Street Tolva
  • Randolph Tolva
  • Fairbanks Tolva
  • Sangamon Tolva

And the 10 best:

  • Superior Tolva
  • Sedgewick Tolva
  • Ogden Tolva
  • Locust Tolva
  • Balbo Tolva
  • Racine Tolva
  • Archer Tolva
  • Bryn Mawr Tolva
  • Grand Tolva
  • Weed Tolva

And with thanks to Solider Ant here are 10 things that “make me feel like a bright-eyed little kid again”:

5 Responses to “Names and bein’ a kid”

  1. Bryce says :

    Wheee! I spawned a meme! (Did I use that word correctly?)

  2. John says :

    Sprout wings, young meme. Fly fly!

  3. Bryce says :

    Oh, and.. FWIW.. I kinda like ‘Hubbard Tolva.’ Unless it’s a girl. Cause.. you know. When she’s older, and has kids of her own.

  4. GC says :

    That’s a pretty week choice between the best and worst road names. Maybe you should expand your search to the burbs…

  5. Brian says :

    Yeah, they’re going to call him “Wacker” anyway, so you might as well make it stick. 😉
    And I can’t beleive no one suggested Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Tolva or Lake Shore Drive Tolva.