Shoehack, day one: criminal apprehended

So I’m running with my newly-technologized shoes yesterday. As I cross a busy street I see a cab going way too fast in the center turn lane.* It suddenly turns hard right, slams full speed into a Jeep Cherokee headed the other way, and throws it up onto the sidewalk and a parking meter. Me and another guy running on the opposite side of the street immediately sprint for the collision. As we get to the cab the driver’s door opens and out falls a little kid, maybe 10 years old. He hits the deck, bleeding from his mouth, and then gets up and runs. So we run after him. I don’t exactly know why, but it seemed like he shouldn’t just run off. It was only when we had tackled him back to the pavement that it occured to us that this kid had just stolen a cab and taken it for a joyride.

He lay on the sidewalk, spitting blood, and moaning not to turn him in. I guess I’ve watched too many Cops episodes because the first thing I asked was “Do you have any weapons or needles on you?” He didn’t respond. I asked him if his face hit the steering wheel and he said yes. The police came, quickly. The elderly driver of the Cherokee was pinned in and covered in glass, but he seemed to be OK. It is amazing to me that pedestrians were not hit. That section of the street has very broad sidewalks that are heavily trafficked. The cab would have thrown pedestrians straight through the plate glass of the bank building there.

Clearly my robo-shoes have transformed me into a crime-fighting superhero. This is the only explanation. Who knows what dastardly deeds I will foil on my next run.

[*] Ashland Ave. just north of Belmont for Chicagoans wanting coords.

6 Responses to “Shoehack, day one: criminal apprehended”

  1. HollyRhea says :

    I was just thinking, I’m glad I don’t live in a place where things like this occur. But I’m not that far away from Ashland and Belmont. So, dang, I live in Chicago.

  2. Bryce says :

    Dang, John — you’re like a latter-day Tom Cruise. (Remember a time, pre-Katie and bat-craziness, when he rushed into not one but two different burning buildings to pull people out?) Next stop for you? Oprah’s couch.

  3. Richard says :

    Cool 🙂 I want to see your pushpin in the Chicago Crime mashup app!

  4. John says :

    I’m sure it will be there. has about a week delay, so check back next week.

  5. Different Richard says :

    Did the Nike thing tell you how far you chased the kid? Just kidding (kind of). Great job; the world needs more people willing to stand up and do something and fewer people who see and turn away.

  6. John says :

    Well, no stats on that I can find. I am thinking that maybe there are no public crime stats for juveniles.
    And of course you’re thinking: you made this whole thing up!