To tide you over until the next meal.

Voting on panels for next year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference is open. Remember this is purely a popularity contest and that I will send you a postcard from Austin if you vote for my panel. (Note that the list of available panels randomizes itself on load to prevent giving precedence to those near the top. Lovely!)

The woman who cuts my hair has no e-mail address. She can only be contacted via MySpace. Now, I don’t profess to understand what the hell is going on at MySpace, but this seems a bit extreme no? Also, the name she uses in the salon isn’t her real name. The salon gives hairdressers fake names to ensure that they are mutually distinct enough not to be confused over the phone during appointment-making. Persona in MySpace; persona at work.

Propelled by Digg and, the LEGO mosaic post was shooting all over the ‘tubes last week. Off to the bandwidth races!


During this deluge Holly posted a link to a similar project of hers, effectively puncturing a hole in the bottom of the tub and flooding her site too. And what a site it is. Cracks me up. Hollyrhea: highly recommended.

Books that, when released, I’ll dump what I am reading at the time for: The Echo Maker, by Richard Powers and The Ghost Map, by Steven Johnson. (Oh, anybody know what Neal Stephenson is up to?)

And lastly, to the terminally dorky I ask: Why is there no way to convert an RSS feed to a webcal feed? C’mon people.