What are you doing reading this blog and not standing in line to see this movie?

UPDATE: So I got to see this movie about snakes. Believe it or not, they are actually in the plane, not on it. So you can imagine the problems this causes! Good fun. The movie was sublime perfection, everything I could possibly have imagined. Best part: the story doesn’t so much as imply a reason why a gangster would try to down a plane with a crate load of snakes. Plausbility is for the weak.

3 Responses to “SOAMFP”

  1. Aaron says :

    You really ought to include a link to Jon Stewart’s interview with Samuel L. Jackson. Made me LMMFAO!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Taking my team at work to see it today at 5:10 in the guise of a “team building” exercise. Am I the coolest manager or what.

  3. chris says :

    Aaron, you are right. The clip is hysterical.