In watching Attack of the Clones again (painful indeed, but my boy asked) I noticed a strange line of dialogue. Obi-Wan at the clone factory is trying to establish a connection back to his peeps at Jedi HQ. He asks his droid to send the message “care of the old folks home.” Seemed odd, so I Googled it. Passionate discussions like this, friends, are why I love the Intertubes so.

Speaking of shows my kids watch, I’m still enamored with the Challenge of the Superfriends on DVD. Here’s one reason why. The word “doom.” It is said often and always with subwoofer insidiousness. Doom! (Actually anything the narrator says is pretty cool. I’ve had the line “Deep within the gaseous core of Saturn …” in my head all day.)

One response to “Dialogical”

  1. GC says :

    My boy just watched the original Star Wars for the first time, but lost interest when he learned that Luke Skywalker did not perform – at least during the movie – any of the music that he had previously heard.
    He also kept asking, “Is this scary?” Apparently not. When I answered, “Are you scared?”; he kept saying no.