Merry Christmash

Looking for some interesting new holiday tunes? Look no further than Wayne&Wax. Wayne Marshall is one smart DJ. An ethnomusicologist by training, Wayne is currently a postdoc at the University of Chicago (lucky Chicago), a prolific blogger and masher.

Have a listen to Remix-mas and check the other free tracks listed from that post, including the new Christmas compilation from DJ BC of The Beastles fame. (For the love of all that is holy download “Imagine Santa” if you only can take one track. Goosebump material, that is.)

Other Wayne&Wax mashes of note include the Boston Mashacre, it’s followup Boston Smashacre and A Crunk Genealogy. The last was created for a course on Electronic Music he recently taught at the Harvard Extension School. The syllabus itself is a work of art, with custom mixes and a deep bibliography every week to illustrate major themes. Just superb.

Wayne also blogs at the riddim meth0d.