Resolutions 2006 in review

Time to review the resolutions from 2006. Last year I went 7-for-12 with two partials. And this year?

  1. Cook.
    Done. Not every night, not even every week. But a few dozen times is more than zero. And no reports of foodborne illness.
  2. Visit San Diego, Philadelphia, Portland, or Santa Fe, all US cities I have never been to.
    Thank goodness for the or. Got to Santa Fe in March. (But Los Alamos was cooler.)
  3. Rip DVD collection.
    I’m going to call this complete. I didn’t do the whole thing. In fact, not even close. But I did rip several dozen. I did all the children DVD’s in the house. (These have been uploaded to TiVo for easy access. No more ruined DVD players from kid-smarm.) I also ripped anything that I knew I’d want to watch while traveling and any I wanted to send back to Neflix immediately to plow deeper into my queue, usually to stock up for travel.
  4. Get to know the south side of Chicago.
    Uh, no. Apart from a few trips to the University of Chicago and Pilsen and some bike routes I barely stepped foot south of Congress.
  5. Look into Italian dual-citizenship.
    I have the link. Does that count?
  6. Shave head.
    Well, not completely. But I’ve gone quite short. Call it a partial.
  7. Visit Xian, China.
    Nope. You’d think with four trips to China this year I could have done it. I even called this a “safety” resolution last year. Jeez.
  8. Find Jim LoBianco.
    Task complete. Took barely three months. God bless The Google.
  9. Run a half-marathon.
    Ha! No. Worst fitness year ever.
  10. Teach sons how to swim.
    Gonna go for the stretch on this and say complete. Could I thrown them in a lake and walk away? No. (Well, not without pulling a Susan Smith.) But they can wear floaties and putter around the pool and that’s all I was going for.
  11. Call (not ping, not e-mail) my mother more often.
    Um. She reads my blog. Ruling?
  12. Return to home winemaking.
    Yes, though we made no wine. Our brew this year was cider. Same gear, same principals.

Yikes. 6-for-12 with one partial. At this rate I’ll be 0-12 by 2012. Now that’s a goal!