Caputo’s career kaput

Looks like my shout-out last year to the world’s first female Italian-American in orbit will be my last for her. The press just loves the story of Lisa Caputo Nowak’s alleged melting-down over a love triangle — as though astronauts aren’t human. She’s an Italiana, fercrissakes! Of course she’s fiery!

I think it’s fair to say that she’s not going to pass the next pre-flight psych check. My guess.

If you’re catty in space, can anyone hear you growl?

UPDATE: And the whole fascination with wearing diapers for the long drive. C’mon, how do you think they spacewalk for 8 hours? She’s just used to efficiency.

2 Responses to “Caputo’s career kaput”

  1. Bryce says :

    The only salacious part for me is the diapers. Wtf. (and the Little Italy entry is still but a stub. Vergogna!

  2. Darren says :

    Being in the US at the moment I got to enjoy the Fox News headline of, “Lust In Space”. 🙂
    I’d bet one of the British tabloids also used that.