Head south, then southwest, then split the difference

SXSW Interactive is a little over a week away. I’m excited to be leading the first panel of the festival on virtual worlds called Terraforming the Internet. Even happier to announce the confirmed speakers.


Ben Batstone-Cunningham, Alt-Zoom Studios
Jan D’Alessandro, Meez
Eric Rice, Slackstreet Studios
Bill Victor, Halcyon Worlds

Talented, experienced, articulate, all of them. I am told they are mostly well-groomed. But don’t let grooming be an issue. If you’re in town for SXSW don’t let a Friday night hangover be an excuse not to come to our panel Saturday morning. Makes for a better discussion.

If you’ll be in town and want to meet up, drop a line.

And if you won’t be in town, why not? How can you pass up a conference with panels like Web Hacks: Good or Evil (or: Welcome to Web 2.666) and
Game Perverts: A Robot, a DS and a Dot Matrix Printer Menage a Trois?

Or for that matter film screenings for Hostel 2 and Helvetica and music performances by Girl Talk and Hoodoo Gurus. Something for everyone!