18:00 iPhone

The best part about sitting out here for half the day is the people watching — and not just the nerds in line like me. It’s become a bit of a game to make up replies to the suburbanites fleeing the city who ask “What are you in line for?” There’s a sizable group of commuters who now truly believe that Kevin Federline is in town, for instance.

Img 3826

Waiting hasn’t been too bad actually. The store clerks periodically bring out snacks, water, and even Chipotle for us, believe it or not.

The line-sitters fall into a few camps: plain old dorks (that’d be me), young kids, and people who will have the phones up on eBay as soon as they get home. And then there are the homeless people who have been hired to wait in line. Sad, really, but they’re happy. Paid, free food, and a bit of a fun atmosphere. There has been only one fight between drunks. (This did not involve me.)

So I’m just sitting here sucking off wifi across the street from Caribou. When the light turns red and the traffic piles up I lose signal. A guy and I bought extension cords and have strung them the length of the 100 or so people who are here so all the nerds can compute. We’re happy.

A little over an hour now.

One response to “18:00 iPhone”

  1. Darren says :

    You’re actually making it sound fun… So did you get one?