Flick and pinch

Sorry to leave you hanging last night. I did indeed get an iPhone right after 6:00 PM. I may in fact have been the first person in Chicago to activate it since my office was right across the street from the AT&T store. I think I was screwing around on it by 6:15.


So, yes, I have it. Yes, I love it. I’ll certainly post a review.

But can you give us some alone time please?

2 Responses to “Flick and pinch”

  1. Frank Jania says :

    Hey John – When you do get around to your review, I’d love to hear your impression of the keyboard, and the real scoop on how fast/slow the network connectivity is…

  2. Roo says :

    Congrats on your purchase. We’re still waiting for a writeup. Like Frank, I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the keyboard. Are you taking it with you to Italy?