Instant messaging peeves

In a bit of a mood today so here’s my chat annoyance list.

When status says “not available” or “do not disturb.” I have never understood this. If you are using a chat application but not accepting messages what’s the point? Log off.

“I just e-mailed you.” Yes, thank you I see your note sitting right here in my inbox. This is only slightly less annoying than people who call you to let you know that they’ve e-mailed you right after clicking send. E-mail is asynchronous, people. Look it up.

“On the phone” or, worse, “otp.” Yes, that’s why I chose to ping you instead of ring you. And if you can’t do two things at once, why are you on chat? IM isn’t for uni-taskers.

When people treat IM like an e-mail. “Dear John, I am writing you to follow up on the matter we discussed … [18 lines later] … Sincerely, Mary.” Nice selection of medium there, Mary.

“Are you using [insert app here]?” This would be like asking people if they are using Outlook before sending an e-mail. Who cares?

12:51 PM     Mary: you there?
12:51 PM     John: yes
1:47 PM     Mary: just seeing if you are around

And the obverse:

2:15 PM     Mary: there john?
2:15 PM     Mary: hello??????

When you know someone is typing (“Mary is typing …”) and it takes forever. People, put down the Strunk and White and hit return. Chat. Not oration.

OK, all done. Damn you, Mary.

2 Responses to “Instant messaging peeves”

  1. Patrick says :

    What if you are chatting with 2 or 3 other people and don’t want to start another chat? I use the “do not disturb” in that case sometimes.

  2. John says :

    If you seriously can’t take the interruption of a second chat window should you really be using chat in the first place? Ignore it.