Most played music of 2007

    last year
1 Biosphere 1
2 Fatboy Slim
3 Aphex Twin 17
4 Office
5 Sufjan Stevens 2
6 Tycho
7 Justice
8 Mike Relm 11
9 Ulrich Schnauss 15
10 Apparat
11 Amon Tobin
12 Der Dritte Raum 6
13 Ladytron 12
14 Air
15 Matthew Dear
16 LFO
17 The Black Dog
18 Shpongle
20 Jóhann Jóhannsson

Interesting how few artists made it on the list from last year. Sorta proud of that. Biosphere of course is unassailable, as ol’ Geir accompanies most night’s trips to sleep. The list is Most Played, you see, not Most Actually Heard.

As I compile these stats year after year it is becoming clear the bias built in. For one, iTunes/ doesn’t do a great job of logging very long tracks — such as unbroken DJ/live sets — which this year accounted for much of my listening. Not sure a track is logged unless its end is reached, so though I could listen to an hour of a set if I don’t hit the end it is statistically invisible. Also, since I don’t automatically synch music to my iPhone or iPod iTunes never knows about play counts that happens outside of itself. This also skews things mightily since so much of what I listen to is not in front of my computer.

More stats here.